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In this season of uncertainty and unprecedented measures, we, as home and business owners, are having to redefine what is essential and what is not. Although it can be a sobering wake up call, it has been beneficial to re-establish our goals, values and priorities.

We have heard from our customers that they are concerned about the quality of the air in their homes and businesses.  Also, they feel they cannot sacrifice the comfort provided by an air conditioned space, especially when they find themselves home most of the time. As the summer rolls in, air conditioning becomes more and more essential.
Waking up to a broken air conditioning system can be a devastating blow to your bank account. The team at Mighty Ducts will do the impossible to stretch the life of your equipment in order to avoid costly system replacements. However, if it’s the end of the road for your old condenser or furnace, please know there are options for you.
In partnering with Lennox and Service Finance, we have access to an array of financing opportunities. Our offers vary from 0% same as cash to low interest, long term loans. Let us know your concerns (low monthly payment, no interest, long term, etc.) and we will find the perfect loan for you!
Please reach out to our team at 714-587-4516 to discuss your needs. We are here to help! Once we have a plan forward, you may use the link below to apply for financing.
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Financing options available, please contact Mighty Ducts at 714-587-4516 for more information.

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