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Mighty Ducts puts you in superior control over your indoor environment. We provide the tools to optimize comfort, energy efficiency, and convenience. Give us a call at 714-587-4516 to learn more about the many rewards of a WiFi thermostat and/or home automation system. We offer free estimates across Orange, CA & surrounding areas and customize our recommendations to cater to your HVAC system, home, budget, and lifestyle.

Innovative WiFi Thermostat Installations

Why upgrade to a WiFi thermostat? These innovative controls pay for themselves in lower utility bills and less wear and tear on HVAC equipment. You’ll enjoy set and forget operation, access through your smartphone, and no longer need to remember to make adjustments before leaving the house. You’ll always come home to ideal temperature, get alerts for maintenance and concerns, and can take advantage of all sorts of helpful features, such as geofencing, voice commands, occupancy sensors, setback operation, humidity control, and more.

Enjoy all the perks of a home automation system from Mighty Ducts!

Home automation is the next step. At Mighty Ducts, we create smart homes to facilitate the management of modern appliances and systems, including your heating, cooling, lighting, door locks, security cameras, sound system, television, and the list goes on and on. Whether you’re on or off the premises, you can always keep an eye on things, make changes, and optimize performance. Let the professionals from Mighty Ducts make life easier and more comfortable with expert services across Orange, Villa Park, Tustin, and the Greater Orange County areas, CA.

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Financing options available, please contact Mighty Ducts at 714-587-4516 for more information.

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